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Certificate Ceremony!!! part2



I’ve finished Intensive English Communication Program at UCLA extension.The school gave us a strict rule such as we students would be out if we are absent from school more than 3 times for any reasons.I think it because we are staying US with F-1 VISA which is for students,and students are supposed to go to school almost everyday.
Though,I was absent from one class because of a bad cold, I could pass all the subject that I had.
I really appreciated all the teachers and all the students in my class.I really want to make efforts to be able to use English not that fluently but at least semi-fluently in next session.

Yeah! I had decided to extend school for one more month when I spent 2 weeks here, because I noticed that if I would take classes only for a month,I just get used to English and that wouldn’t be good for me.From next session I’d liker to get more centered on using English.

For myself and someone who is consider to take classes at UCLA extension,I’ll write about
what I did in the last session.

[morning class]

・to bring one new word or idiom every day in the class.
→one word or idiom per each person has become around 18 words&idioms ×16. It is just like ‘Light gains make heavy purses’
・to read articles related to general business.
・to learn prepositions and related idioms
・to explain what you’ve read about and discussed the article and shared in each group.
・to make presentation about the marketing strategies of fictional corporate’s promotion by using social network service.
・to learn words quiz
→we were divided to 2 or 3 teams and fought to guess words by the hints your team mates gave you.We were so excited and serious about getting points because we all hated to lose.

[afternoon class]
・to make text which in correct in grammar. we made groups and had questions each other,and made discussions.
・to watch certain TV programs,then talked about the outline each other.
・to make presentation about certain topics.Our team’s was about Education System.

we’ll have new text books in next sessions. So I think we are taking new lessons but the flame of lessons are almost the same.

What I have been glad to experience are …
・I could make good friends with a girl from saudi arabia and she told a funny story about Ramadan fast. I might hadn’t had such a cross-cultural experience.

・I also could make good friends with some teens and was asked to go Disney Land with them.I never have the chances to get together with such young people in Japan.
・I really enjoyed great vegetables which are almost organic.
・I keen on the foods for vegan and I can easily get them in the super market.

Only one more month but Time and tide stay for no man!
I really want to make my stay in LA fuller.

4月28日からスタートしたUCLA extensionでのIntensive English Communication Programのコースが終了しました。F-1 VISAで来ている関係もあり、欠席が滞在許可そのものに影響するため結構シビアな出席を要求されましたが、無事全ての科目all passで終了することができました。実は病欠でも宗教上の理由でも(要はいかなる理由でも)、同じ科目を3回以上休むとアウトというルールがありましたが、最後の週に風邪で午前中1コマ休んだ以外は全て出席できました。毎日楽しかったので学校嫌とか殆どなしでした。かつて学校嫌いとアレルギー性鼻炎で3日に1日小学校を休み、幼心に自分の将来を危惧していた頃のナオミに今のこの状況を伝えてあげたいくらいです。先生は本当にプロフェッショナルで、クラスメートも勉強熱心な人が多く、みなさんに感謝です!来月はホンキでもっと「スラスラ」まで無理でも、「ス+ラ1/2」くらいにはなる!(世界チャンピオンになりたい、ではなれんねん。なる!というキモチでないとなれんねん。by 辰吉丈一郎)という意気込みでいきたいと思います。









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