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I’ve never imagined that I have to go to a dentist!:まさかの歯医者体験!

I felt like I was coming down with symptoms suddenly.To tell the truth,I suspected the symptoms, but I thought I could manage it or if I couldn’t, I hoped it would be better and gone automatically.So I put off making a decision,and finally I had nothing to settle the problem expect going to a dentist.

Yes,it’s about my teeth problem.I’d better say that one of my orthodontics wires has been cut and came out.It really hurts my tongue every time I eat.I tried to live with it for a while, but finally I couldn’t help having the wire cut.

I think you know how naive your mouth is.Just imagine what happens if a hair goes into your mouth.It really bothers you right?

So I’ve decided to go to a dentist,but at the same time,I started to be worried about the expense,because general insurance doesn’t cover dental cost,though it’s so expensive.I hear that going to a dentist in U.S is the worst thing that you should avoid.

So first of all, I went to the information desk at UCLA Extension to make sure of the cost on average, and some other things as follows:

1, UC Extension Health Insurance Plan which students are supposed to take doesn’t cover most of the expense of dental care (I had a slight wish, but it failed)

2, You can buy insurance for dental care,but it won’t take effect until the beginning of next month, even if you use it right now.(I can’t wait)

3,It costs you to receive dental care at least $100 which is just for checking your teeth.( Wow!)

4,It costs you to receive dental care more than $200 or more in case that it’s for orthodontics.( Double Wow!)

5 There is a popular dentist in back of UCLA Extension
(but you have to make a reservation by yourself)

By the way,I hear that the UCLA medical department is the 3rd best in the U.S ,so you have a lucky circumstance except when you have trouble with your teeth.

According to a school staff member,I can ask a dentist to estimate the expense first, then consider if I will take the treatment or not.

So at the front desk in the dentist,I explained my symptoms.I told that my insurance didn’t seemed to cover expense here, I know it was so expensive to see a dentist here,and I said ‘I’d like to see a estimate first then I want to consider.’

In addition to that, I thought I must tell them that I was not good at English,because I was not in a shopping center, but in the dentist.Who knows what would happen my body.I had to prevent for myself.

Anyway I really concentrated on telling my complaints and condition so that I didn’t have further problems.
Then the lady at counter said ‘It’s OK!’,and doctor checked my mouth.After he told me to stay still, I just selfied.


I don’t know why, but I just wanted to know how I looked like at that time.To be honest,my face was quite awful.I was so anxious about what would happen and I looked like I got angry.

▼The Examination room


After a while the lady came back to me,and gave me the estimate,which said

1.treatment of wire $225 $75

Needless to say,I didn’t accept ‘cleaning’ which should not be done right now.
As for the rest,the first impression of this estimate was that he was so clever, because I told them if the cost was under $200, I would receive it.$225 was not the price that I could afford.

The doctor fixed my wire completely.His job was excellent,and nothing bothered me any more.
He had done a great job!!!

I felt great and it’s like I was born again.However come to think of it,I paid $225 just to be normal. I mean I didn’t spend the money for nice clothes, not for nice food, not for anything.
OK,I should think it’s worth living in daily life as usual.

To tell the truth,the reason why my wire had come out was because I ate hard and raw vegetables like carrots and radishes.but I never regret it.I’d rather eat as much as I want for the rest of my stay here.
























1) 切れたワイヤーの対応 $225
2) クリーニング $75









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