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I am not ‘Sir’ sir!




とうとうロスに着きました!夜、朝2度のご飯を食べ、1本映画を見て、ちょっと仮眠をしているうちにLAX(ロスの空港はLAXという相性で呼ばれてます)に到着。税関では「Pass port please,Sir!」と言われ、「Sirじゃないんですけど」と反逆しようとするうちにパスポートをチェックされ、性別欄をチェックされたのか否かはおいといて、「君はこっちに住んでる彼に会いにきたのか!そうか、そうか!」と、若干興奮気味のテンションで問答されるというハプニング。




Here I am at last! After having eaten 2 meals(dinner&breakfast),watched 1 movie and had a short nap, I arrived at the Los Angeles air port.

The one thing that I was surprised was that the customs officer  called me ‘Sir’ and  after checking my passport, he asked me that I was coming here to meet my boy friend with some kind of excitement.

I  was wandering if his reaction was for  some excuse of his misunderstanding about my gender or he just thought I am a gay man and asked about my ‘boy friend’.Anyway I don’t care.,but I hope the latter is the real situation for LA which is more gay-friendly city than I thought :D

It took much time to be checked  at the Immigration,It’s over 4pm when I arrived at my apartment near UCLA.

I didn’t tell though,my biggest purpose of this visit here is to study English at UCLA extension.It’s so safe and calm place that you can enjoy walking and jogging the streets around here.

The pictures  are the shots around an organic supermarket  that I dropped in on and took sandwich, soda, and fresh red radish which looked so fresh and so it was.



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