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New friend Old friend and Coffee Beans.

2nd day.
When I visited the apartment staff’s office to ask how to login the network,
there was a girl who just arrived.
The staff introduced her to me and told that she would go to the same school as mine.
and recommended us to get contact each other so that we could go to the school on the first day.

She said that she had LINE ID,so I tried to send the stamp below…


I hope we gonna be good friends!

After that,my old friend who has lived in LA for more than several years came to see me at my apartment. She took me a nice organic cafe in West Hollywood.

The cafe’s name is ‘Le Pain’.They have some organic foods, cupcakes and pastries look
so yummy.


The last picture is about my breakfast in this morning.I never heard of Coffee Bean in Japan,but it’s so popular like Starbucks here in US.


1 cup of small size coffee costs USD 1.75.
It’s cheaper than in TOKYO.


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